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Value Added

One reason Wilson Gregory has been the preferred choice of so many Newspapers is our ability to tailor-design Surety Bond and Accident Insurance policies. When you choose Wilson Gregory, you get an assortment of value added benefits:

  • We've been exclusively in the Newspaper industry for over 80-years, we have worked in the Circulation field and know our client's business; we understand the related issues, challenges and risks
  • We are active and dedicated to supporting the industry to assist in preserving Independent Contractors Status
  • Industry attorneys frequently cite our Accident Insurance plans as model examples of programs that strengthen Independent Contractor Status. Utilizing one of our programs provides a platform to help prove independence as it relates to the NLRB's 44 factors
  • Our timely payment of Claims reduces the danger of legal action against the Newspaper if serious On-Route accidents occur
  • We provide your publication with a tremendous amount of good will by paying a multitude of Off-Route Claims while protecting the publisher where it is needed most: On-Route
  • Our clients come first, and our field agents and support staff answer questions within 24-hours GUARANTEED
  • We still make "house calls" and travel to your Newspaper to review, report, and discuss how things are going as well as provide any assistance necessary to ensure the success of your program
  • We offer both on-site and Web-based training programs to help Newspaper personnel understand how important Accident Insurance is, why, and how it relates to protecting Independent Contractor Status
  • All of our Accident Insurance plans are custom designed based on the specific needs of our clients

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Wilson Gregory Accident Insurance is outstanding. They handled my Claim quickly, got me the information I needed and answered all my questions. Their service has been excellent in every way.

William Garguilo
Hartford Courant
Waterbury, CT