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Q: Who do I call to report my accident?
A: Immediately report the accident to your District Manager or Supervisor and request a Claim Form.

Q: If I can’t get a Claim Form from the Newspaper, what should I do?
A: Download one from our Web site or e-mail a request to with your full name and address and we’ll send you one.

Q: After an accident, how long do I have to seek treatment and file a claim?
A: Treatment must be received within 10-days from the date of accident (30-days in Pennsylvania) and a properly completed Claim Form must be received by the insurance company within 90-days from the date of the accident.

Q: What if I can’t meet the 10/90-day time limits?
A: Immediately notify the insurance company at 800.692.7338 of the reason and request an extension. Or you can notify Wilson Gregory by e-mail at or call us at 717.730.9777 and request an extension.

Q: What part of the Claim Form must the Newspaper complete?
A: The Newspaper must always complete Part 3: Enrollment Verification and provide a copy of the billing statement or check disbursement evidencing that premium was paid covering the date of the accident. If an accident occurs On-Route, the Newspaper must also complete the last page of the Claim Form: Special On-Route Accident Report Form, and an authorized newspaper representative must sign the Letter of Recommendation section at the bottom of the page.

Q: What part of the Claim Form must I complete?
A: You must complete Part 1, Part 2, and have your attending physician complete Part 4. You must also attach all itemized bills for all services rendered. If the accident involved an auto accident, attach a copy of the police report.

Q: Where do I mail the Claim Form and bills?
A: Mail all required items to the insurance company at the following address:

Aegis Security Insurance Company
Accident Claims Department
PO BOX 61140
Harrisburg, PA, 17106-1140

If the address on your Claim Form differs from the above address, mail to this address only.

Q: Is my Helper automatically covered or just my Substitute?
A: Your Helper is NOT automatically covered. Your Substitute is automatically covered On-Route only at no additional cost under your policy.

Q: What is the difference between an injury and an accident?
A: Accidents cause injuries but not every injury is the result of an accident. An accident is a defined as a "sudden and unforeseen external event causing bodily injury to the insured." Throwing Newspapers and lifting bundles are not considered accidents.

Q: I have a hernia, is it covered?
A: No, a hernia is considered a medical condition and all sickness, illness and medical conditions are excluded under the policy. Additional exclusions apply. Consult your Certificate of Coverage.

Q: Is my Helper automatically covered or just my Substitute?
A: Your Substitute is automatically covered at no additional cost under your policy while On-Route only. Your Helper is NOT automatically covered under your policy however Helper(s) are eligible to enroll in their own policy.

Q: What is the difference between a Substitute and a Helper?
A: A Substitute is one individual who occasionally replaces you when you're temporarily absent from your Route. A Substitute delivers your Route in your absence and shows no regularity. A Helper is someone who shows regularity and assists you On-Route.

Q: What is considered On-Route?
A: On-Route is defined as delivering, collecting or soliciting on an established Route or while on a Newspaper authorized trip or outing. Delivery begins with delivery to the first subscriber or single copy location and ends with delivery to the last subscriber or single copy location without deviation and outside the property line of the insured.

Q: My District Manager did not give me any of the insurance information, where can I get it?
A: e-mail us at

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When I slipped and broke my back, Wilson Gregory was very responsive, paid quickly, and came to my rescue to help me through a difficult situation. I'm very grateful that I purchased this low cost supplementary Accident Insurance.

Susan Winer
Kansas City Star
Shawnee Mission, KS