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Q: Once I fill out the application, am I covered?
A: No. Filling out the Enrollment Application is just the beginning of initiating coverage. A full monthly premium or billing cycle premium will have to be paid and received. The premium is added to your Newspaper billing invoice or deducted from your check disbursement. It is your responsibility to make sure the Newspaper is doing this for you.

Q: When does my coverage start and stop?
A: Coverage begins on the date of enrollment provided the full monthly premium has been paid. A full monthly premium or billing cycle premium has to be paid for any accident claim to be considered for payment.

Q: Do I have to take a physical?
A: No you do not. The program features automatic enrollment.

Q: What is the difference between an injury and an accident?
A: Accidents cause injuries but not every injury is the result of an accident. An accident is defined as a “sudden and unforeseen external event causing bodily injury to the insured.” Throwing Newspapers and lifting bundles are not considered accidents.

Q: I have five Routes. Do I have to pay five premiums to be covered?
A: We insure people not Routes. You only pay one premium to be covered on all Routes.

Q: I have a hernia. Am I covered?
A: No, a hernia is considered a medical condition and all sickness, illness and medical conditions are excluded under the policy. Additional exclusion apply. Consult your Certificate of Coverage.

Q: Is my property covered for an accident?
A: No. The terms and conditions of this policy cover bodily injury only as the direct and independent result of an accident. Third parties, property or liability are not covered.

Q: Is my Helper automatically covered or just my Substitute?
A: Your Helper is NOT automatically covered. Your Substitute is automatically covered On-Route only at no additional cost under your policy.

Q: What is the difference between a Substitute and a Helper?
A: A Substitute is a person who occasionally replaces you when you’re temporarily absent from your Route. A Substitute delivers your Route in your absence. A Helper is someone who shows regularity and assists you On-Route.

Q: My District Manager did not give me the insurance information. Where can I get it?
A: e-mail us at

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I have been with Wilson Gregory for 10-years. Their service has been good—they treat me very well. After I was injured, they extended my limit for filing a Claim. They went out of their way to take care of me.

William Salois
Springfield News-Leader
Springfield, MO