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At Wilson Gregory Agency, we're committed to helping Newspaper Publishers and distribution companies preserve and protect Independent Contractor Status. We minimize the risk of costly litigation to your organization.

Newspaper Carrier Accident Insurance is totally consistent with the concept of Independent Contractor Status. Requiring Accident Insurance to be in force during the term of the Contract is in the best interest of Newspaper Publishers and distribution companies everywhere. Because the Contractor has the right to obtain Accident Insurance from any source, just like any other insurance provision in the Contract, independence is strengthened.

Accident Insurance helps you manage and minimize the risk of litigation against your Newspaper when serious On-Route accidents occur. It's simple, affordable, and it's insurance you and your Contractors can't afford to be without.

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Case Study

An Independent Contractor for the Rockford Illinois Register Star declined Accident Insurance Coverage, yet attempted to get workers’ compensation for $34,000 in medical bills. Difficult complications for the Newspaper ensued. After 2-years of expensive time consuming litigation, the Carrier received nothing. However, if the Carrier had purchased Accident Insurance, there would have been no litigation. His bills would have been paid and his Independent Contractor Status upheld, thus protecting the Newspaper from litigation.