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Accident Insurance

  • Manage risk: Over 90% of all reported Accident Claims occurred while On-Route. This is where the Newspaper is most susceptible to litigation.
  • Minimize Litigation: Litigation is expensive but it's worth it. The danger of legal action is minimized if Independent Contractors are enrolled and Claims are paid quickly.
  • Provides Publisher protection: Establishes a wall of protection between the Newspaper and Independent Contractors.
  • Promotes Good Will: Paying Off-Route Claims provides tremendous amounts of good will while strengthening Independent Contractor Status.
  • Defend IC Status: The burden of proof to prove Independent Contractor Status lies with the Newspaper, not the Contractor. Accident Insurance helps provide Newspapers evidence to preserve and defend Independent Contractor Status.
  • On-Route Coverage: In most every case, primary health insurance plans exclude work related injuries.
  • Substitutes Covered: A Substitute Contractor is automatically covered On-Route only at no additional cost.
  • Helpers Eligible: Helpers, spouses, children & dependents ages 9-90 can enroll.
  • Auto Accidents Covered: Automobile insurance companies DENY paying medical Claims to individuals using their automobiles for work-related activities unless they have purchased commercial auto coverage.

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Case Study

An Independent Contractor for the Rockford Illinois Register Star declined Accident Insurance Coverage, yet attempted to get workers’ compensation for $34,000 in medical bills. Difficult complications for the Newspaper ensued. After 2-years of expensive time consuming litigation, the Carrier received nothing. However, if the Carrier had purchased Accident Insurance, there would have been no litigation. His bills would have been paid and his Independent Contractor Status upheld, thus protecting the Newspaper from litigation.