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Berry Berg

"I have been a Wilson Gregory client for over 20-years. And I'll never leave. Their service is outstanding. Their people are outstanding. And their product is outstanding. They are the key to maintaining an independent relationship with our Contractors. And they make me feel like part of their family."

Barry Berg
VP Circulation Davison
The Palm Beach Post

Pat Dennis

"My experience with Wilson Gregory has been very good. They understand our business, our challenges and our needs. They have been very responsive and professional. I value our partnership very much."

Pat Dennis
Vice President of Newspaper Operations
The Oklahoman

John Walsh

"Wilson Gregory has been my insurance company for 10-years now. Their service has been outstanding. Their people have treated me fine. And I would recommend them to any other Newspaper, wholeheartedly."

John Walsh
Sr. VP, Circulation
The Dallas News

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Case Study

An Independent Contractor for the Rockford Illinois Register Star declined Accident Insurance Coverage, yet attempted to get workers’ compensation for $34,000 in medical bills. Difficult complications for the Newspaper ensued. After 2-years of expensive time consuming litigation, the Carrier received nothing. However, if the Carrier had purchased Accident Insurance, there would have been no litigation. His bills would have been paid and his Independent Contractor Status upheld, thus protecting the Newspaper from litigation.